Mid last year our main water feature was losing over a cubic metre of water per week, and as they were clogged with mud, I decided to bite the bullet and drain them down to clean and examine them for damage. Once the mud had been removed, it became apparent that there were many cracks that had developed over the previous 30 years, so suspect points were raked out and re-rendered. After the requisite time to cure, paint choice was needed, and we decided on ASK coatings water based epoxy, as we had found an old tin of black from the late eighties, which seemed to still be serviceable. We chose the stone colour, which we applied to the walls, and the old black to the floors. Both paints have proved to be as effective as one could wish for. If you need to seal a pond or the like, do not hesitate in choosing ASK Coatings products. I have been recommending them to others in need, and we all agree that their products are perfect. I have other missions in mind that will need a similar product, and I will be looking nowhere else than ASK